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Publicado: octubre 12, 2011 en Internacional

Day after day, hour after hour we go through the internet in search of information, wikipedia articles, homework sometimes, words we don't understand, and in our particular case, new bands, whether they're recommendations or simply those "coincidences" that you encounter in social networks.

For the proper use of our name ("MelomanosBlogs"), we bring bands from outside our country (Venezuela) from an underground scene, groups that few people have heard, in this case we found "by chance", Emergency 911 , a band based in the U.S., specifically in the city of stars: Hollywood, which gave us this little interview:

MelomanosBlogs: How long ago began "Emergency911"?
Emergency 911:
E911 started in 2009 but was reformed in early 2011 with the current line up.

MMB: Who are the members of "Emergency911"?
Austin Track-vocals/guitar; Brian Weathers – Drums; Luigi Campa - Lead Guitar; Justin Luszczyk - Bass

MMB: What are the musical influences of the band?
: Pop music, rock, alternative, metal & punk.... bands like: a day to remember, four year strong, blink 182, all time low, pierce the veil, head automatica

MMB: Normally in USA, many bands start in their garages, Was it different to you?
: We dont have a garage so we started in rehearsal studios in Hollywood & Los Angeles

MMB: You are currently under the Standby Records music label, was it very difficult to get this contract?
: Austin was signed in another band before and was able to secure this recording contract for us just as easily so his hard work & the work of the rest of this band has brought us to where we are today.

MMB: Where does the name of your band come from?
: Emergency 911... it's like life, you have to have a sense of urgency... if you want something, go out & get it... I think our band thinks that way. No one is gonna give it to us, we can sit & wait or we can go out there, promote, sell merch, get on tour & try to make are dreams happen.

MMB: Are you producing your first LP? What is behind this album?
: We self produced our album called "True Romance" which comes out November 2011. We had some help from Mid City Sound's Jeff Hannon, Sonny Mayo, Max Coane & Tommy Decker... but most of the production was done by us. We had to write & record this record in a short amount of time to meet the label's deadline so we really had no choice then to pick apart, rearrange & try to complete all the songs on are own!

MMB: Are you planning a tour across the country? or, are you already on tour?
: We leave for a US tour with the band KIDS Nov 1st - Dec 17th

MMB: Currently, social networks have helped to spread the musical material of many bands, this virtual tools have served to help the band?
: Myspace, Facebook, Twitter, etc, etc have all helped us tremendously but we still believe in getting out & beating the streets with fliers as well as good old word of mouth!

MMB: Within 5 years where do you see this project?
: Hopefully on a headlining tour or as a supporting act with a major label act. That would be nice as well as another album release. We shall see (:

You can find this band on:

PLUS!: Here we leave a part of one of their songs live and a link where you can listen to their tunes

Link to the player:



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